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Lustron homes

renovated interior of home in Gastonia, NC

 largest collection of Lustrons at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia

Triangle Modernist Houses recently posted a note about a Lustron home in Nasheville, NC that was for sale and facing demolition so that the land it was on could be used as a parking lot.  It mentioned that Lustron's were a prefab home produced in the 50's made of steel and porcelain coated steel.  This made me curious...and so I looked into it!  They were produced in response to a housing shortage after WWII and were built to be to be maintenance free and affordable (around $7,000.00).

The home sold (to someone in Greensboro!) and I have since found that there are a handful of Lustrons still scattered around NC.

some other sources of Lustron info.:

ephemeral material (paper topic)

 Second Nature exhibit by Tokujin Yoshioka
furniture and art grown from mineral solution
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Vase Made by Bees by Tomas Liberty of Studio Libertiny
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Bun ring by Lina Peterson
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Autarchy by Formafantasma
dinnerware baked with mostly flour mixture
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several amazing projects from Kathy Ludwig and Florian Krautli
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BioCouture by Suzanne Lee
clothing grown from bacteria

Panpaati or Eating Design by Enoc Armengol
furniture made of baked bread
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 Unsustainable jewelry by Greetje van Helmond
made of sugar
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tomato grown into ring
by Hilde de Decker
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Break Before Using table made of candy
by Ana Mir of Emiliana Design
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I have been researching design that uses ephemeral materials.  This can  include, biodegradable, temporary, edible, and unusual materials.  Material choice cannot help but inform the meaning of a final product or project.  I am interested in the ways that these materials can evoke memory and how their temporary and changing properties can serve as momento mori (reminder of death).  By default or on purpose these materials are exceptionally sustainable.

self marketing package

I have created a self marketing package for school (and life).  It includes a portfolio, resume, cd with portfolio, small leave behind card, calling card, and thank you card.

visit to NCMA

Gyre by Thomas Sayre
Wind Machine by Vollis Simpson
Lowes Pavilion by  Mike Cindric & Vincent Petrarca
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After speaking with Mike Cindric of Design Dimensions, I finally forced myself to take time to visit the newish Museum Park, an outdoor trail and sculpture park at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  It's something that I had been wanting to do for way too long.  It was just embarrassing to live in Raleigh and not have been there.  So I went & it was beautiful!

Avenues Event

photos of Cotton Museum Oak Wood Historic Oak View County Park
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I was fortunate enough to have my mock interview with Mike Cindric, Project Manager at Design Dimensions.  I was not previously familiar with Design Dimensions.  I found out that they do custom fabrication, exhibit design, and all sorts of other special projects (like the enclosure for Watson, the computer on Jeopardy).  I was excited to hear about their focus on fabrication because physically making things is important to me and is something that I hope to incorporate into my career.  Mr. Cindric spoke to me about his background in art and sculpture and how it had led him to become involved with Design Dimensions through a search for studio space.  I shared my background in art, also sculpture, that included my time as a student at UNC Chapel Hill where Mr. Cindric had taught art.  I also found out that Mr. Cindric had partnered with Vinny Petrarca of Tonic Design on the Lowes Pavilion at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  I am a fan of Tonic's work and was especially intrigued with this collaboration.  I had seen the pavilion online and this meeting only increased my desire to see it in person.

sugar & iron: Loaded exhibit

Katrina alerted me to this exhibit, Loaded, from the Milan Furniture Fair that shows the work of 15 students and designers from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago....all centered on iron & sugar!
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